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Geotechnology, Inc.
11 French Village Industrial Park
Fairview Heights,IL 62208

Phone: (618) 345-4811 Fax: (618) 345-5108 County: St. Clair


Applied earth and environmental sciences. Geotechnical engineering; Drilling & CPT Construction Materials Testing, IDOT QC Testing in Soils, Concrete and Asphalt; Material Testing in Masonry and Steel (AWS-CWI); Non-destructive Testing Inclu. Rebar Mapping, Phased-Array Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle; ESAs & Permitting; USTs; Wetlands; Geophysics; IDOT Subsurface Utility Designating and Bedrock Profiling, Karst Investigations, Seismic Site Classification, Mine Subsidence Consulting.


Office Manager: Lucas Heuerman
Business Development Manager: Pam Hobbs