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SICAP is a not-for-profit industry fund powered by employer contributions based on hours worked by craftsmen of:  Carpenters District Council of Greater St. Louis & Vicinity; Southern and Central Illinois Laborers District Council; Southwestern Illinois Laborers District Council; Plasterers and Cement Masons East St. Louis Local 90; Plasterers & Cement Masons Local 143 Serving Southern Illinois Counties; Operating Engineers Local 520; and Painters District Council 58.

v     Promoting safety and accident prevention in the industry.

v     Supporting educational seminars and training programs for all industry personnel.


v     Supporting economic development programs for the benefit of the industry.


v     Conducting community education and public relations programs to benefit the industry by educating both the mass media and the general public about the critical role the construction industry plays in helping assure economic development and job growth across all sectors of the economy.


v     Promoting affirmative action, equal employment opportunity and business diversity efforts to support our neighbors, our communities and our construction industry.


v     SICAP serves as a unifying force within the Southern Illinois construction industry, and develops programs aimed at opportunities for the betterment of all aspects of the industry.


v     SICAP is administered by an independent Board of Trustees with employer representation from all aspects of the construction industry including contractors, the building trades and construction industry users.